Overnight Respite (for youth and adults)

Rising Treetops was planning this summer to resume our scheduled overnight respite service in late September 2021, but due to the recent surge with the COVID-19 Delta variant, as well as the emergence of breakthrough cases and the need for booster shots for many of our clients and staff this fall, we have decided to delay the start of our usual scheduled respite sessions until at least January 2022 (and then decide month by month). In addition, we are having significant challenges hiring vaccinated direct care workers willing to quarantine and live at our facility.


Instead of resuming 4 and 7 night respite sessions in late September 2021 for for up to 22 clients per session, for the rest of 2021 we will hold 12-night general COVID-extended respite sessions for approximately 8-12 vaccinated clients over six 12-night sessions from late September through late December.  Please see the Registration – Calendar section of this website for details.


These six sessions have limited slots and will be filled on a first come, first served basis with priority given to those not able to attend our modified summer program sessions. Please contact Donna by email at respite@risingtreetops.org or by phone at 732-531-0215 for more information. Please know all staff at Rising Treetops are fully COVID-vaccinated.


We will make a decision by December 1, 2021, if we are able to resume our typical 4 and 7 night overnight respite sessions and our day services starting January 1, 2022, or if we will need to further delay the start of our respite season.

What follows is our usual overnight respite description (through March 2020 and again after we resume overnight respite services in the future):


Ages 8 and up (separate sessions for children and adults)


Care and supervision is provided 24/7 from a caring and trained staff that live on site. Clients will have access to a full program of therapeutic recreational activities, including occasional offsite trips.


Family caregivers who are caring for someone with special needs in their own home need periodic breaks. They can get one while the individual with special needs enjoys a weekend or up to a one week stay at Rising Treetops at Oakhurst. Respites are scheduled throughout the year and vary in length.  See our Calendar for details.


The full fee per session can be adjusted according to family size and income through a limited scholarship program.  For individuals who still live with a family caregiver and qualify for state-supported respite services, a portion of fees may be covered.  Please contact our New Jersey office at 732-531-0215 for more information on fees and scholarships.


Some clients get to and from Rising Treetops through their families, and others receive central site transportation from Rising Treetops at Oakhurst from New York City in lift-equipped vehicles.


See our Registration section for application and session registration information.