Oakhurst Helps:  Herone

Earlier this year we started a series called Oakhurst Helps where we share individual stories that have touched us. From July:

This story is about Herone, a 23 year old young woman from Brooklyn, who has been a respite client and summer camper at Oakhurst for the last few years.

What is unique about Herone is that while she is still a client, she is also now a staff member at Camp Oakhurst. Starting this past November, Herone started working as a per diem autism respite counselor, while still attending adult respite sessions occasionally as a client. In June, Herone not only attended a respite session, she also worked during an autism weekend respite session that overlapped with hers.

In last week’s Young Adult Camp Session, Herone helped the kitchen staff prepare meals in addition to participating in client activities. When asked what she likes to do best when working at camp, Herone could not pick a favorite. She said she likes it all!

Herone’s mom, Barbara, says that Herone loves Camp Oakhurst and the people she has met there. She says that Herone feels happy, accepted, relaxed, and safe at camp. She also feels supported by other staff and clients. Because of this, Barbara feels completely comfortable when Herone is away.

We are so happy Herone is now part of our Camp Oakhurst family.

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