Rising Treetops Helps: Carrie

Carrie, a 50 year old woman with cerebral palsy and intellectual disability, began coming to Rising Treetops at Oakhurst for respite care this spring. Carrie’s mother passed away four years ago and Carrie’s sister Erin has needed support after she took over as her guardian and caregiver while raising her own daughter and teaching full-time.
This spring Erin found Rising Treetops at Oakhurst, applied, and Carrie was enrolled for respite services. Erin brought Carrie to Oakhurst for a weekend for respite care in March, driving her to Oakhurst on a Friday and picking her up on a Sunday. This weekend of respite gave Erin the ability to spend focused time with her daughter and doing things for herself and their family.
Carrie was again at Rising Treetops at Oakhurst on a recent weekend for respite care and Erin told our staff when she told Carrie she was going back to Oakhurst, Carrie smiled and clapped.
Carrie is non-verbal and Erin was relieved to know that Carrie was excited to be returning for another weekend at Oakhurst. Knowing Carrie is happy makes it easier on Erin to drop her off, knowing they will both enjoy their weekends.

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