Rising Treetops Helps: Lucello

Lucello, age 8, is shy, verbal, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and mostly independent in his personal care. He came to Rising Treetops for a respite session for the first time a few months ago during his February winter break, and then returned a second time for a respite week during his April spring break. In his first session, Lucello was homesick but by the end of the session he was having fun (he especially loved trying to play the music room piano) and warming up to the counselors and other clients. When Lucello returned in April he immediately bonded with one of his cabin mates, Tyler, who is also 8 years old and, like Lucello, came to Rising Treetops from his home in The Bronx. Lucello bonded not only with Tyler but also with his counselor, Charlie. He frequently ran around with Tyler, and enjoyed arts and crafts, cooking and playing games (he won Bingo a few times!), air hockey and soccer in the gymnasium.


Lucello’s mother Maira told Rising Treetops she was so happy for Lucello that he was able to go to Rising Treetops. Other than at school, Lucello rarely plays outside in The Bronx, and spending a week at Rising Treetops and enjoying the fresh air and the safety of our 15-acre campus was a completely new experience for him. Maira also said Lucello told her that he especially loved arts and crafts and he told her about all the food he ate, which made his mom happy that he was able to try new foods and that are not the usual food he eats at home. Maira also reported that Lucello has told her he is dying to come back to Rising Treetops, and, in fact, he is returning in July for a summer camp session and has been literally counting the days until he returns.


Hearing of Lucello’s experience warms all our hearts and we look forward to seeing Lucello back in Oakhurst this summer!


The summer camp at Rising Treetops at Oakhurst is for children and adults ages 8 and up. For more information about our Summer Camp, click here.

About Rising Treetops at Oakhurst

Just a mile from the Atlantic Ocean is a beautiful 15-acre wooded environment where people with special needs can have fun, be cared for, and learn new ways to grow and become more independent. At Rising Treetops at Oakhurst, we have trained, attentive staff that provide full personal care and reside in our modern cabins with clients. Our team knows how to meet the needs of every client that come to Rising Treetops, both children and adults, with a broad range of special needs, including autism.

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